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What’s included in our recipe boxes?

Absolutely everything! When you order the bake box, you get every single ingredient you need to make the tasty dessert of your choice. And where possible, we measure all the dry ingredients for you and include them in the right quantity.

But that’s not all! To make things even easier for you, we split the content of the recipe boxes into ‘kits’ so you can find what you need at the right step in the process. Everything is packaged up in a nice, handy way so you can become the master chef we know you can be! And you won’t need a recipe card either, as all the demos and videos you need to bake are on the app.

And to help you build your own kitchen supplies, we also add little extra gifts in our baking subscription boxes, like a cake mould or a sac à poche so you can build your baking kit over time. Think of it as our professional contribution to your personal starter kit!

Are all recipes included for free in the Bake Club app?

With our first-tier membership, Bake Club, you get a set of recipes included for FREE. All you need to do is download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and use your email address to set up a free account.

Want to bake more? Fancy making a dessert that’s not included with your membership? Not a problem. You can easily buy additional recipes via the app! And once you’ve bought the recipe and ‘unlocked’ it, it’s yours to keep. It’ll be there every time you open your app.

When you upgrade to our top-tier memberships - Recipe Subscriber and Box Subscriber - ALL our recipes are unlocked and become available for free on your app. And whenever we add new recipes, you’ll be the first to know!

What types of desserts will I be able to make?

The Bake Club app has a range of exciting dessert recipe collections. We have Kids Favourites - including the official Peppa Pig party cake - Weekend Cakes, Entremets, Tarts, Potted Desserts, a Chocolate Lovers range, and Gluten-free and Vegan recipes.

All recipes have been designed by professional pastry chefs and include step-by-step instructions with photos and/or videos to help you create desserts that are both tasty and beautiful!

Is there a minimum subscription period?

No! Unlike other memberships or apps, you don’t have to subscribe for a set period of 12 months or longer. We don’t work like that - we’re not interested in running a baking club that locks people into long-term contracts.

Bake Club is a rolling subscription. When you upgrade to Recipe Subscriber or Box Subscriber, we’ll take a regular payment every month unless you cancel. It’s that simple! And to reward you for your loyalty, we keep adding new exciting recipes to add to your personal repertoire.

How often do you add new recipes?

We update our recipes seasonally, so you can expect to see new recipes on the app every three months or so.

What are recipe box credits?

Recipe box credits allow you to order a recipe box with all the ingredients to make a whole recipe for free! When you sign up to our Box Subscriber membership, we give you one free recipe box credit (and add free delivery to that) every single month. So if you’re baking regularly and want to get all the ingredients delivered straight to your kitchen, this is the perfect membership level for you.

What happens if I don’t use my monthly recipe box credit?

If you don’t use your monthly recipe credit, don’t worry! Any unused credits roll over to the following month, so if you have a busy month ahead and know you won’t be spending time in the kitchen, you can use your credit and order your recipe box in when you get back to your dessert-making. We’re nice like that!

Can I add more credits to my monthly membership?

Absolutely! If you’re baking more than once a month and want more recipe boxes delivered to you, you can just select the number of box credits you'd like each month.

What are badges and what do they mean?

Cooking, baking, and cake decorating should be fun - we don’t want it to be dull and boring! That’s why we have created a badge system to keep you entertained while you create your desserts and allow you to show off with friends and family.

When you sign up, you get the badge corresponding to the membership you’ve chosen. But you can always add to that! If you leave a review, you get a Reviewer badge. Leave five reviews, and you become Top Reviewer.

The more you use the app, the more badges you can gain. Complete three chocolate recipes, and you become a Chocolatier. Bake three tarts, and get the Tartexpert badge, and so on! And if you want to blow your own trumpet and share pics and badges on social media, well, we’re not judging!

What happens during a LIVE baking class?

Did we tell you we’re not just like any other baker's club? The professional pastry chefs we partnered with run LIVE online streaming classes exclusively for our members. You can check the dates of any upcoming live classes on the app, and, to make sure you don’t miss any, we also notify you by email in advance, so you can login on the day and watch the chef at work. Get your ingredients and utensils together before the class and follow each easy step.

Excited about the LIVE class and wish you could order a LIVE class recipe box? You can! Check the app for the final order date, and we’ll deliver the ingredients for the LIVE class recipe straight to you. Special LIVE class recipe boxes can be purchased as one-off boxes (costs may vary), or, if you’re a Box Club Subscription member, you can use your box credits to order the LIVE class recipe boxes (please note, you’ll need 2x recipe box credits to order this special box).

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